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HF Markets Review

HF Markets is an award-winning broker with more than a decade of experience and a global presence. The brokerage is proud to have more than 3.5 million Live Accounts opened, and it’s because HF Markets provides funds security and some of the best trading conditions you can find, including low spreads, little to no fees, excellent platforms and high-quality trading tools. HF Markets is also a partner of renowned companies, organisations and clubs like the Red Cross, UNICEF and the French football team PSG. And without any further ado, let’s get into detail.

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HF Markets relies on established and proven trading platforms, offering its own distributions of the leading MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 terminals. Both MTs are available for Desktop, Mobile and direct online trading through a browser-based version, and now, let’s have a closer look at the different distributions available:

HF Markets MetaTrader 4

HF Markets comes with all the versions available, including Desktop, Mobile and WebTerminal. Of course, the Desktop platform is the most advanced one as it’s highly customizable and supports many tools that are not available for the other versions, such as the programming language MQL and the Expert Advisors making automated trading possible. It’s available for Windows and MacOS as it’s possible to install the Windows .exe file on Linux distributions through Wine (personally tested, works like a charm).

The HF Markets MT4 WebTerminal also has many advantages, the best one being the fact that you can access it from anywhere you want as the only things you need are a browser and a stable Internet connection. The WebTerminal is suitable for people who do not want to install software on their machines and for those who can use many computers.

The mobile versions available are the HF Markets MT4 Android, HF Markets iPhone Trader and HF Markets iPad Trader. All three basically share the same functionality, keeping the highly competitive Forex market in your pocket, all the time. Of course, they lack many of the features you can find on the Desktop platform but deliver the convenience to open/modify/close positions as easy as possible. Also, MT5 can natively support ECN STP accounts, which is the major difference between it and it’s older brother MT4.

HF Markets MetaTrader 5

MT5 is also delivered by MetaQuotes as it’s considered that sooner or later it would phase out the robust MT4 that has legendary status already. However, you should not think that MT5 is just some rebrand; on the contrary, it was built from scratch and it features even more properties and possibilities. And just like MT4, the more advanced MT5 has Desktop, Mobile and Web Terminal distributions.

Naturally, the HF MT5 Desktop is the most advanced of all as you can install it and benefit from the programming language MQL5 that allows the creation of Expert Advisors and other sophisticated tools. It’s also available for Windows and MacOS, and you can install it on Linux machines through Wine, just like MT4.

The HF Markets MT5 WebTerminal is also powerful enough to provide a stable and sophisticated trading environment; however, some functionalities found on the Desktop distribution are missing.

And lastly, there are the mobile MT5 versions that are available for Android, iOS and iPadOS.

Both HF MT4 and HF MT5 are powerful enough, but if you wonder which one is the best for you, here is a table that outlines the main differences between the leading platforms:

Feature MT5 MT4
Timeframes 21 9
Technical Indicators 38 30
Analytical Objects 44 31
Built-in Economic Calendar Yes No
Platform Speed 64-bit, multi-threaded 32-bit, mono-threaded

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Trading tools are essential for customers and that’s why there are 16 different options that can help plan, execute and monitor trades. The list includes HF App, VPS Hosting Service, Premium Trader Tools, Autochartist tool, Trading Calculators, myHF Area, HF Markets Exclusive Analysis, Economic Calendar, Trader’s Board and Forex News. Let’s elaborate on each one of them!

HF App

The Android and iOS mobile applications bring together a variety of benefits on the go for HF Market customers. Essentially, it includes most of the trading tools and makes it possible to deposit, withdraw or transfer funds from your live accounts. Through the app you can access:

  • advanced charting functionality
  • HFcopy – the HF Markets social trading platform
  • myHF Area
  • daily market analysis
  • trader’s board
  • live quotes
  • calculators
  • economic calendar
  • live webinars
  • news and more

VPS Hosting Services

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server and it’s beneficial for many reasons. It’s a remote desktop connection and once you subscribe all your orders go to the server with secured uninterrupted runtime of 24/7, minimum delay, and excellent speed. VPS offers security, stability and flexibility and it’s provided by Beeks Financial Cloud with its nine international centres so that you don’t need to worry about local outages or other problems you may experience on your own computer. You can gain access for free, depending on the size of the deposit, or the paid subscription starts from $30 per month – money well spent for security! And if you are crazy about Expert Advisors and automated trading, HF VPS is an essential tool for you.

Premium Trader Tools

With the Premium Trader Tools package, you as a trader will be able to execute better positions, make informed decisions, work with confidence and do better market analysis. The list of premium tools is extensive and will be discussed in detail.

Trade Terminal Tool is not usually available for all MT4 terminals, but HF Markets has it for customers. It allows performing specific and more sophisticated operations: close all positions, close only losing positions in bulk, do a partial close, or simply put, customers can perform the same action on multiple trades at once. The Trade Terminal Tool also allows account metrics through which customers can have detailed information about margin usage, equity available, exposure and so on.

Mini Terminal is another tool that can be deployed for a variety of reasons. It’s available for both HF MT4 and MT5 Desktop platforms and can be undocked from the platform while providing most of the features generally available – open/close/modify positions, run calculators etc. Thus way, you may watch the FOMC meeting while at the same time having a look at the precise prices at the moment, and execute a trade if you feel like it.

Connect is a premium tool for news and information. You can personalise it to deliver the latest and most suitable content for you and it’s available in many languages.

Sentiment trader – it shows customers’ sentiments including historical ones. You can see the data in numerous forms – gauge, pie chart, dial, candlestick and more. Note that sentiments are available only for pairs of high popularity, so it’s unlikely to get any information about exotics like TRY/HUF – simply put, there aren’t enough traders to calculate a sentiment.

Session map is a built-in Expert Advisor providing detailed analysis during different trading sessions – Sydney, Tokyo, London and New York. It reflects opening/closing prices for multiple pairs, changes in pips, your current time, which session is actually on the run and local times. And if you have an open position there is live information about your account – profit or loss in pips.

Alarm manager is an assistant and the name speaks for itself. Through the alarm manager, you can customize and receive notifications on the terminal on numerous occasions – for open/close positions, margin, balance, profit, price changes, news, technical indicators, and many others. You can receive alarms through SMS, on Twitter or via e-mail, so with the Alarm Manager and proper customisation, you are unlikely to miss an opportunity or forget that you once opened a position.

Excel RTD (RealTimeData) would be a useful premium tool for customers that are comfortable with spreadsheets and would be happy to receive information in an Excel format. And it goes the other way around – you can send trading instructions from Excel to MT4, which may prove to be a significantly valuable opportunity for some.

Another Premium Tool worth mentioning is the Market Manager. It gives an easy and practical overview of the market by providing information about prices, open positions, and trading results while giving the option to open/close/modify trades. In particular, it’s a small window you can place anywhere on your desktop so that you can monitor markets even while doing other things.

Correlation Matrix is a tool showing the correlation between different pairs, and it can help you manage risks and gain a better understanding of the market overall. Just like the other Premium Tools it can be pinned or undocked from the chart, and you can see the correlation of selected pairs you are interested in. The values range from -100 to +100, showing how price changes in different pairs are related. Generally, when the value is high, positive or negative, it is considered that trading both pairs at the same time carries risks.

Correlation Trader is closely linked to the Correlation Matrix as it uses the information from the latter tool to display the charts of two pairs at the same time, showing the correlation, thus the risks and the opportunities to make an informed decision. Like the rest of the Premium Tools, Correlation Trader is a window you can pin to the chart or undock and use anywhere on your desktop.

Tick Chart Trader is a Premium Tool for customers who want to trade quickly, giving the opportunity for lightning-fast entry and exit. It displays various types of tick charts that differ from the traditional candlesticks, as the values depend on the volumes, but not on time. For example, a tick appears every time a predefined number of trades are executed and during volatility, you can expect any ticks per second. Tick Chart Trader is suitable for day traders and scalpers who execute multiple trades per session.

The last Premium Tool to be discussed is the MT4 & MT5 Indicator Package – a selection of sophisticated indicators that are not usually included in the standard MetaTrader distributions. The list includes the following ones:

  • Mini chart – a resizable window you can open within your chart that features all other indicators and different time frames.
  • Pivot points – the average calculated by using high, low and close prices of a period.
  • Highs and lows – lines showing highs and lows on a chart, so that you can have a better overall vision of the levels.
  • Renko bars – similar to candlesticks, but it uses blocks to show a better view of the trend
  • Chart group – an indicator allowing traders to change pairs on multiple charts at the same time. For example, if you have 4 charts with different time frames, you can use the indicator to switch from EUR/USD to GBP/USD on all 4 of them by clicking on just one.
  • Symbol Info – a draggable sub-window within the chart that shows information about the pair – price changes, values of selected indicators and price relation to highs and lows
  • Gravity – an indicator showing potential support and resistance levels, calculated by using historical price action
  • Chart-In-Chart – you can divide the chart by two or three and put additional pairs so that you can draw a comparison.
  • Magnifier – a sub-window within the chart that can show detailed selected bar you “zoom in”
  • Order History – draws your trades in the past, and once you click on the drawing you get information about the positions – open time, prices of open and close, profit/loss etc.
  • Freehand Drawing – an additional drawing tool
  • Bar Changer – a tool to create an offline chart
  • Keltner Channel – a volatility indicator similar to Bollinger Bands, but the size of the channel depends on the average true range (ATR), not the standard deviation
  • Donchian Channel – a channel formed by the highs and lows of a selected n period
  • Candle Countdown – show the time left till the close of the last candle

All Premium Trader Tools are professionally designed and provided by FX Blue Labs, and as you can see for yourself there is a large selection for all traders, from novice to experienced, and from scalpers to those who prefer executing trades less frequently.


Autochartist scans the markets for you, so you don’t need to waste precious time on monitoring, drawing, and trying to find an entry. The tool automatically reads the market in real-time and automatically finds Chart Patterns, while at the same time taking into account price action, indicators and other information for the last 6 months. Autochartist is available for both MT4 and MT5 platforms and it works 24 hours a day so that you won’t miss the next trading opportunity. The tool saves time, reduce stress and you can set up alarms to get notifications about the market.

Trading calculators

8 valuable calculators are available on the HF Markets website:

  • Risk Percentage Calculator – as the name suggests, you can determine risks by calculating lot sizes, opening and potential closing prices
  • Multitarget Calculator – a calculator showing potential profits/losses depending on predefined exit levels and the portion of the trade
  • Pivot Points Calculator – help find support and resistance levels by calculating the high, low and close prices of a previous period
  • Pip Value Calculator – identify the price of a pip in a trade, depending on position size, pair and the currency of your account
  • Position Size Calculator – helps you calculate position size depending and volume so that you can manage risks better
  • Swaps Calculator – helps you find the interest you pay or earn if you keep a CFD position opened overnight
  • Risk and Reward Calculator – calculates risk-reward ratios using Fibonacci retracements
  • Fibonacci calculator – calculates Fibonacci retracement levels based on High price and Low price

MyHF Area

In Essence, it’s the Client Area which provides full control of your account, letting you perform numerous tasks. Through myHF Area you can upload documents, open accounts, deposit or withdraw funds, make transfers between accounts, check balance, see your transaction history, view statistics of your account, and access trading tools and education material, as well. MyHF is available on any device, including Desktop, Android, iOS, iPad OS and the FH App. It’s a free, user-friendly and fully secured environment deploying the most advanced SSL encryption to keep customers and their funds safe.

HF Markets Exclusive Analysis

It’s a dedicated website ( covering in detail many topics traders are interested in, and it’s free to use. It contains the latest market news, outlooks and plenty of analytical articles including daily market reviews, insights, fundamentals, special reports, and a lot of technical analysis, we mean a lot! Through the website, traders can also get information about and access webinars and other trading tools like Trader’s board that will be explained shortly, calendars and calculators. The so-called HF Markets Exclusive Analysis Tool is certainly not a feature you would miss if you want to stay informed.

Economic Calendar

It’s a vital tool for any trader because it helps stay up-to-date with the market and provides information about announcements and significant events that may potentially drive prices up or down. FOMC meetings, Retail Sales data, and speeches of Central Banks governors are reports you should know about because they may bring volatility or sudden changes that may affect positively or rather negatively your trades. And HF Markets Economic Calendar gives you all the valuable information including the time and date of the event, the country it takes place, the nature of it, previous data if it’s a report, expected results if any and the possible volumes and volatility during the time. You can also apply filters on countries, categories and expected volumes volatility, so as to focus on the most important events from your own perspective.

Trader’s board

It’s an analytical tool providing information on four key metrics that are as follows:

  • Currency Mover’s Charts – percentage bar charts of the 8 major currencies (USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, JPY, NZD, CAD, CHF) against each other. Simply put, a USD bar chart shows what’s the change of the dollar against the other 7 currencies.
  • Live Charts – 6 charts you can access (EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CHF, AUD/USD, USD/JPY, EUR/GBP)
  • Volume per Symbol – a pie chart showing volumes traded by HF Market Clients
  • Forecast – a sentiment tool showing expectations of selected experts on all FX Majors. The forecast is available for a week, a month, or a quarter and it represents buy, sell and sideways sentiment.

And if you access Trader’s board from the HF Markets website you will also be provided with:

  • A braking news panel from FX Street and:
  • Clients position panel showing trades. For example, EUR/USD may currently be 46% sell and 54% buy, meaning that more customers are buying or holding long positions, indicating a potential bullish sentiment on the market.

Forex News

Another tool to help you stay informed about the market. The news is provided by FX street and may include market news, fundamentals, forecasts, political news, views, analysis and many more articles related to Forex in one way or another. And to make things more orderly, you can filter news by trading pairs, which is really useful if you enjoy EUR/USD more than the others, for example.

As you can see HF Markets has a lot to offer, so all traders, novice or experienced, scalpers or swing traders, can find tools to implement in their strategies.

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HF Markets offers a large selection of products grouped into 9 categories: Forex, Metals, Energies, Indices, Shares, Commodities, Bonds, Stocks DMA and ETF. Forex is usually the most popular as there is high liquidity, typically lower spreads, and low transaction costs, so HF Markets makes sure to provide highly competitive conditions.


With HF Markets you can trade more than 50 currency pairs, including all majors like EUR/USD and GBP/USD. The cost for trading may be insignificant as the EUR/USD spread may be as low as 0 pips, depending on the account opened and the market conditions.


Clients often choose metals because they can be a hedge against inflation, and at times there is high volatility, meaning that the profit potential increases (as well as risks, though). HF Markets offers 4 metals for trading – Palladium, Platinum, Silver (XAG/EUR and XAG/USD) and Gold (XAU/EUR and XAU/USD).


Just like the Metals, Energies are popular among traders because of volatility and hedging. The most popular pairs provided by HF Markets are Spot contracts and Futures contracts on UK Brent Oil (UKOIL) and US Crude Oil (USOIL). However, bear in mind that at times Oil volatility may be extreme and you should exercise caution if interested in Energies.


With HF Markets, you can also trade the index of the most popular European, Asian and American exchanges, including UK100, SPX500, as well the Dollar Index (USDIndex) and the Volatility Index (VIX.F). Indices are usually preferred by experienced traders for hedging and portfolio diversification, but novice fundamental traders may also find it exciting as these instruments are more influenced by the news than Forex, for example.


Shares CFDs provide the opportunity to make profits with no obligation to owe the underlying asset. Simply put, you can buy Boeing derivatives, or sell them if you think the price will go down!


Sugar, Coffee, Copper, Cotton, and Cocoa are the derivatives of raw materials you can trade with HF Markets. Commodities are influenced by natural disasters, weather conditions or geopolitical tensions, so even if you are not a fan of technical analysis, you would still be able to place successful trades on Sugar if you follow world news daily.


These instruments are preferred by investors because of the low volatility, but you can also trade derivatives. The risk is lower, and bonds would be suitable for novice traders as they are also more predictable in short term. The three most popular bonds offered by HF Markets are Euro Bund (EUBUND.F), UK Gilt (UKGILT.F) and US 10-year Treasury Note (US10YR.F).

DMA Stocks

DMA Stocks is a new set of products offered by HF Markets, and to some extent, they are similar to Shares. However, once you go long or short on DMA Stocks, your order will be reflected by the exchange offering the product.

Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)

It’s a collection of investments that may include stocks, bonds, commodities and so on as these are put together to let clients trade in a few markets at the same time. HF Markets offers a wide range of sector-based ETFs – mining, energy, technology, health care, real estate so on, thus providing flexibility and low costs.


As a leading broker, HF Markets provides many accounts, including the mandatory Demo accounts and Islamic accounts with no swaps and rollover charges for positions kept open overnight. The Standard accounts available in Dubai are these, and note that high-leverage ones are for professional traders only:

Premium Zero Spreads HFCopy Premium Pro
Minimum Deposit $100 $200 €1000 for strategy provider, €300 for follower $5000 for Professional Client, $500 for Experienced Retail Client
Max Leverage 1:30 1:30 1:30 1:400 for Professional clients, 1:100 for Experienced retail clients
Spreads Types Variable Variable Variable
Spreads from 1 pip 0 pips for FX 1 pip 1 pip
Max Simultaneous Open Orders 300 500 300 300

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HF Markets offers a plethora of funding funds, and depending on your country the selection may widen significantly. Of course, some are available in all countries, and we’ve presented the payment systems in the following table, including the minimum deposit requirements. Note that there are no fees, except for Bank Transfers of less than $100-$250, depending on the jurisdictions ($250 in the EU and UK and $100 for International customers).

Bank Transfers Visa/MasterCard Skrill Neteller (EU) $250 $50 $50 $50 (UK) $250 $5 Visa/$50 Mastercard $50 $50 $10 $50/Visa only $50 $50 (International) $10 $5 $10 $5

Apart from the ones in the table, customers in the EU can fund accounts via iDeal and Sofort, while customers from other countries like Brasil can also choose among Pay Retailers, FasaPay, WebMoney, PayRedeem and Bitpay.

As for withdrawals, the conditions are the same no matter the particular entity you trade with. In general, it takes 24 hours to process withdrawal requests and there are no fees collected by the broker. All withdrawals are made using the same method used for the initial deposit, and HF Markets does not collect fees. However, fees may incur depending on the method used, and the amount payable will largely depend on your country and if there is an international transfer taking place.

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HF Markets’ Education section offers an abundance of articles, topics and opportunities to learn more about the Forex market, no matter if you are a novice or already an experienced trader – there you can find most of the things that you need. The resources available are as follows:

  • Forex Trading Webinars – online events in which you can find out more about technical analysis, fundamentals, trading psychology, strategies and many other topics of interest.
  • Educational and Tutorial Videos – basic and advanced knowledge provided by videos in a structured manner.
  • HF Markets Daily Market Analysis – a tool already discussed in the previous sections – up to date analytical articles available at
  • E-courses that explain the basics of Forex.
  • Articles about releases – economic indicators are important and HF Markets makes sure to explain what they mean (PPI, FOMC Meeting, Unemployment and so on).

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As a leading broker, HF Markets has licenses in multiple jurisdictions, including the UK and the EU. The broker has registered 7 companies in 6 jurisdictions, 4 of which are licensed to provide Forex products and services:

  • HF Markets (SV) Ltd, Company reg 22747 IBC 2015 with registered address Suite 305, Griffith Corporate Centre, P.O. Box 1510, Beachmont Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines
  • HF Markets SA (PTY) Ltd, Company reg. No.2015/341406/07 with registered address Katherine & West Suite 18 Second floor 114 West Street Sandton, Johannesburg 2031, South Africa
  • HF Markets (Seychelles) Ltd, Company reg. Co. No.8419176-1 with registered address Room S203A, Second Floor, Orion Complex, Victoria, Mahe, Republic of Seychelles
  • HF Markets Fintech Services Ltd, Company reg. ΗΕ 348222 with registered address Spyrou Kyprianou 50, Irida 3 Tower 7th Floor, Larnaca 6057, Cyprus
  • HF MARKETS (EUROPE) LTD. Company reg. No HE277582 with registered and office address at Spyrou Kyprianou 50, Irida 3 Tower 10th Floor, Larnaca 6057, Cyprus.
  • HF Markets (UK) Ltd. Company reg. No 11118651 with registered and office address at Bloomsbury Building 10 Bloomsbury Way, Holborn, London, England, WC1A 2SL.
  • HF Markets (DIFC) Ltd. Company reg. No 3013 with registered and office address at Index Tower, floor 11, unit 1106, DIFC, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The licenses are as follows:

Company Regulator/Jurisdiction License Number Restrictions
HF MARKETS (EUROPE) LTD CySEC/EU wide 183/12 EU clients accepted only
HF Markets SA (PTY) Ltd FSCA/South Africa 46632 African clients
HF Markets (UK) Ltd FCA/Britain 801701 British clients accepted only
HF Markets (DIFC) Ltd DIFC/United Arab Emirates F004885 Clients from other countries, except for a few jurisdictions, including the USA

And to wrap things up, we should inform you that HF Markets was recently authorised by the regulators in Seychelles (FSA) and in Kenya (CMA) – acts once again proving that HF Markets put customers first, ensuring security and trustworthiness provided by regulations.